The death of Superman in comic books was one of those cultural phenomenons where everyone reacted. It was on the news, even people who never read a comic book were shocked that they would kill off such a popular character.

Alas, the bravery of killing off the golden goose of the DC universe was short lived. The dramatic upheaval in comic books turned out to be a publicity stunt.

Death of Superman animated cartoon
Superman in a fight to the “death” with Doomsday.

The Man of Steel returns from the grave in less than seven months. He didn’t even stay dead for a year. As publicity stunts go it didn’t have a lot of commitment. The execution of the stories that followed were also less than stellar.

With the entire world watching Superman came back in the worst way possible. With a mullet.

Death of Superman animated cartoon
There has never been a time where a mullet was a good look.

The Death of Superman animated movie might be a chance to make up for past mistakes instead of just repeating them.

Maybe Superman won’t just trade punches in Metropolis like a complete dolt and throw Doomsday into space where he has the advantage.

DC animated movies have had a history of being head and shoulders over their live action counterparts. Like the cinematic house fire that was 2016’s Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice, a movie that just reuses the plot of The Death of Superman which they are doing again only two years later in the animated world.

Is originality dead in film-making? Or maybe we like retelling the stories that moved us in our past?

The production value in the trailer doesn’t fill me with confidence but I have high hopes that the project will be at the very least watchable.

Superman “dies”… again on Blu-ray and DVD Summer 2018.

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