Fans Cower Before The Meg In This Awesome New Trailer

Clax back with a few new posters for the giant shark movie The Meg starring Jason Statham, Cliff Curtis and bunch of other people no one ever heard of.

And it looks like a whole hell of a lot of fun.

The first poster is the one you are likely seeing in movie theater lobbies. Scary. Cheeky.

The second poster looks to be Li Bing Bing (Li Bang Bang, amirite?) trapped inside of a Plexiglas shark cage about to be swallowed by everyone’s favorite megalodon.

Let’s hope Statham can get her out of there before she’s chum.

The third poster shows us that Meg has a really bad aim. I know The Stath is on the smaller side but how can you miss that guy in the open ocean. Doesn’t seem realistic to me:

The fourth poster is an “international” banner but seems to have Chinese characters on it.

At least I think those are Chinese characters. Please feel free correct me in the comments like people do on all the other web sites. Don’t be afraid to use foul language.

Man, that really shows the size of Mrs. Meg, doesn’t it? I’m assuming it’s a lady shark, for obvious reasons.

Until then enjoy the latest trailer:

The Meg opens in North America on August 10th, 2018. More from FilmGoblin as we get it!