Sorry, Lads

All of my English brothers know that I have nothing but love in my heart for West Side (of The Channel) kneelas but daaaaaaaaaaayum y’all gettin’ carried!

What exactly is so terrifying about Rambo to the Sons Of The Empire?

It has to be the knives. They are big into taking away steak knives over there.

WTF? England was made with sharp blades in the hands of strong men!


As Bobby is tripping out over how you butter your bread:

Total Knife Offenses in England and Wales

Might be kind of related:

Stop & Searches In England and Wales

And It’s Not Just The Cops That Hate Knives!

According to my figures, Rambo: Last Blood made 39% less than Ad Astra in the UK.

England never even had a space program!

SMH, so much for big, fuck-off shiny ones.

The fuck happened to you, mate?