Happy Holidays, Goblins.

Whatever needed to be said about Ms. Larson and this movie has already been said ad infinitum of this site and basically everywhere on the internet. No need to go into it again.

While I don’t have the same cataclysmic view as a lot of people do, I just don’t see how this is any kind of big deal. Sure, it’s going to be what it’s going to be, but it’s a comic book movie that seems a little behind the curve at this point.

Once this movie drops in March, Wonder Woman will have already been the first female superhero of all time for over 20 months.

What I find funny in a mildly annoying kind of way, is how this TV commercial is being repackaged with previous trailers by some Youtube channels and sold as a completely new Captain Marvel trailer.

Is There Anything Of Note Here?

  • We see some more Skrulls
  • We see Ronan The Accuser
  • We see more of Hala, which I just learned is the name of the Kree homeworld (Editor’s note: HTR is working up a soon to be released Kree backgrounder to explain things to Clax and the rest of us non-comic book readers)
  • We see Captain Marvel going supernova or something
  • Ms. Larson makes a joke