I Wish I Has A Hobby

Another hobby, if you count Film Goblin plus drugs and alcohol.

But it would nice to be truly passionate about something in the way that birders are passionate about our feathered friends.

My uncle is a very dedicated birder, he travels all over the country trying to spot an elusive quarry. He’s got all the gear and his knowledge on the Aves class is encyclopedic.

I don’t know that much about movies. Hell, I didn’t even know Antoine Fuqua was making a superhero movie!

Once at a family reunion in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, he heard that there were some bald eagles nesting nearby. I tagged along and got this photo with my 2010 flip phone:

That was as far as the Amish landowner would let us get, and while the Amish don’t believe in firearms they do believe in owning big dogs.

Even from this distance, there was something thrilling in seeing a creature that is rarely seen by most people.

I hope the Netflix documentary Birders is about that feeling, but it sounds like it isn’t.

“They Need To Migrate Back And Forth”

Metaphor received and processed, Netflix.

I was reading Disney Star Wars Is Dumb last night — great site, even though he seems to be borrowing some of FG’s techniques 😥 — and I came across these tweets:



Not sure who this Art Tavana guy is but that is a perfect take.