Games based on movies or licensed characters have a very bad history. For every Batman: Arkham Asylum you have multiple games like Superman 64 and Jaws for the old NES.

Predator Hunting Grounds is hoping to be like the former and actually be good.

Two trailers have been released for it which show that the game may not suck and be something Predator fans will want to play.

Why two trailers? Because the game is based on the first film in the franchise and allows you to play from two perspectives.

The first trailer zeros in on how you can play as the Predator itself.

The second shows off your ability to also play as one of the mercenary team members the Predator hunts down.

Part of the game involves going on the same type of missions the mercenaries go on in the film, which I was not expecting. It will be interesting to see how the developers incorporate being hunted by the Predator at the same time.

The people who made this seem to get the movie. They even incorporated “get to the choppa” into it. Looks like fun.

These trailers make it a point to show off the amount of customization the game has, which I really don’t understand the appeal of to modern gamers. It’s not like changing what your character’s hat looks like affects the gameplay. But I guess that’s part of what’s wrong with all you millennials.

If you remember, a couple of weeks ago we reported how Arnold Schwarzenegger said he was lending his voice to a game based on the film.

It does not look like this is that game. Even though some of the characters seem to be based on ones from the film, Schwarzenegger’s Dutch appears nowhere in this.

Developers like to charge you for add-on content, so it’s possible that if he’s not in the game when it’s released, they could still add him on at some point as a downloadable character in the future.

Predator Hunting Grounds has a trial period this weekend. The entire game releases April 24 for the PS4 and PC.