See, There’s This Guy…

… and he can see things that no one else sees. Sort of like premonitions or seeing the dead or alternative realities or something…

… and this guy, he’s depressed, ya know… but he meets this little girl and she has that power too

…her name is Abra… because like magik and stuff…

… and there are these other people, called The Devils because who gives a shit, people will buy anything wih King’s name on the cover.

They are lead by an English lady with a weird hat. Weird hats are character. See?

They want to kill the girl. Not just the girl, but anyone that can Shine™ — that’s what they call it, the ability, the seeing thing, they calling it “shining”.

Like the movie. 

And get this… The Guy… he was in the movie. He was in The Shining!

He’s the little kid from the hotel! 

He’s Danny Torrance!

Isn’t that fucked up?!?

And… And… And…

Stephen King novels have become bad comic books with sex, violence and profanity.

Here’s the trailer for the latest issue:

Currently, there are seven major Steven King movies slated to be released in the next few years along with up to twelve others in some stage of development. 

With IT Chapter 2 pulling down close to $300 million at the global box office in its first weekend, don’t look for this trend to end any time soon.

Unless Doctor Sleep takes a dive when it opens on November 8, 2019.

We’ll have long term projections next week, until then: please remember to recycle.

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