Vice isn’t exactly the most popular network out there, but it’s a pretty good place to catch some interesting content every now and then.

One of their shows is The Dark Side Of The Ring, which focuses on the untold and tragic stories behind the scenes of the wrestling industry.

The trailer for the upcoming second season has dropped and reveals that this season will deal with some pretty big subjects such as Owen Hart, Jimmy Snuka, and The Road Warriors.

Venturing deeper into wrestling’s shrouded past, Season 2 tackles the biggest stories from the last 40 years, with unprecedented access to a new cast of insiders who reveal the brutal and often tragic consequences of a life lived in the squared circle.

Not surprisingly, this season is debuting around the same time as WrestleMania, when the most eyeballs are watching wrestling all year.

One of the other topics it will cover is the tragedy of former world champion Chris Benoit. 

It’s kind of hard to forget, but for those who don’t remember Benoit murdered his family before then turning his gun around and killing himself.

He was a steroid user and many speculated that he committed the murders as a result of roid rage. It was perhaps the biggest black eye ever for the wrestling industry and the WWE has since completely erased him and all mentions of the wrestler from the company.

Vice has posted part one of the episode about Benoit online early which could now be viewed on YouTube.

Dark Side Of The Ring debuts March 24 on Vice.