Our Greatest Lulz Are Realized

Film Goblin readers might remember that TNT is putting out a TV-version of Joon Ho Bong 2013 “visionary” dystopian train-drama Snowpiecer starring Jennifer Connelly.

The first trailer was full of pretty much every trendy rightThink trope one could possibly imagine, so it was kind of funny.

This new promo animation for Snowpiercer is also funny, but kind of angry too:

It’s Your Fault, Denier

Then it was the scientists’ fault, even though we are told every day to “believe the science” — ironically enough, never from actual scientists.

Then it was the “rich” people’s fault, even though the carbon footprint of one person worth $100M per year is astronomically lower than 2,000 people making $50K per year. 

One can rightly wonder if this voiceover was re-recorded after that Weather Witch was shown screeching at us on every screen on Earth. 

The next time Box-Wine Bettys and SWPLs scoff at you for telling them that they have the same luxury values as giant corporations, just show them this video. 

Then tell them that the entire concept of a “train-ark” is fucking stupid. 

Sorry, Mr. Bong it just is.