If you haven’t seen Spider-Man: Far From Home and give a shit about Spidey’s final MCU adventure, then you should depart forthwith.


That Doesn’t Seem Like Fun

Instead, it seems like the kind of desperate franchise milking that Amy Pascal has become known for. Desperate franchise milking like re-releasing the movie in theaters on the strength of one additional scene.

It should be noted that the re-release of Spider-Man: Far From Home is still playing in two of the three theaters in my small college town including an Alamo Drafthouse.

So the re-release might have worked. Maybe they are clever?

But Why?

The Night Monkey was a fun bit in Far From Home but there is really no need for a trailer unless they think they can’t really sell the home video release on the main character… you know… frigging Spider-Man?

A couple of weeks ago they also released this spot for the home video release which shows an additional additional scene that wasn’t in the theatrical re-release. 

I can’t tell if these Sony people are getting more desperate or more clever. 

Spider-Man: Far From Home is released on digital today and Blu-Ray 10/1/2019.

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