You Spin Me Right Round

Lionsgate Studios has released a trailer for the upcoming thriller titled Spinning Man, which is adapted from the book by George Harrar. The movie centers on a well to do family man and professor at a college, who gets caught up in the investigation of a missing woman. Hilarity ensues ?

The Players

Guy Pearce plays the professor, and Pierce Brosnan plays the detective hell bent on pinning him as the perpetrator. The cast also includes Minnie Driver, Odeya Rush, Alexandra Shipp, Clark Gregg, Jamie Kennedy, Sterling Beaumon, and Freya Tingley.

Spinning Man Poster

Spinning Man is directed by filmmaker Simon Kaijser. The screenplay is written by Matthew Aldrich, adapted from George Harrar’s book of the same name. Lionsgate is releasing Spinning Man in select theaters and on VOD April 6th


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