The Battle Is Official Joined

The battle between Vin Diesel and The Rock for domination of the Fast & Furious franchise and its spinoffs, that is.

Their well-publicized spat on the set of one the F&F installments has led to a schism with The Rock taking Statham onboard for Hobbes & Shaw and Diesel sticking around in the parent series with the original crew. 

These movies are massively successful overseas with Furious 7 and Fate of The Furious (8) pulling in over $1 billion in international markets alone.

Hobbes & Shaw only pulled in $760 million versus a $200 million budget, so despite The Rock not showing up in this ninth installment the future of this franchise definitely runs through Dwayne Johnson.

That is unless John Cena can fill the void!

I can see at least three or four stunt homages to better movies but maybe Justin Lin can pull it all together and push this one across $1 billion without The Rock.

Fans of the series will enjoy seeing Han back.

Is it my imagination or does Cena look almost simian in this poster?

Image result for john cena poster fast and furious 9

Fast & Furious 9 will be in cinemas May 22, 2020.