Is This Too Little, Too Late?

I didn’t even know this trailer dropped until I started making my rounds on the trades about 11:30 AM EST.

None of the YouTubers that I follow had done a video about the first Star Wars trailer to be released in several months. This is very strange since they have perpetually hooked Star Wars to the metaphorical plow and cashed in on the unfortunate but predictable failure of the franchise.

Does this mean no one cares about Star Wars any more or does it mean that this The Mandalorian trailer is so good that no neckbeard, incel, manbaby nerd-rage can be generated from it?

Especially strange since it’s #1 trending on YouTube right now.

You be the judge:

Rogue One: Part Deux?

First, it looks great. The feel is very space-junk, galactic-filth — we even see a rust bucket of an AT-ST.  CGI and costume design looks decent and will likely be seamless on the small screen. The cinematography and even some of the shots are very reminiscent of what I remember from Rogue One

Second, the cast is excellent for a TV show.

Hopefully, Weathers and Herzog are just straight-up playing their characters from Predator and Jack Reacher, respectively. No need to confuse us, just give us what we want!

I know, I know, dear reader… I can hear you asking: what about the other part?

Star Wars: Open Borders?

What is this?

What is that?

I don’t remember images of Syrian refugees or scared children in any Star Wars trailer before. Do you?

Are these just some raise-the-stakes pick-up shots?

Or are we about to get more lessons from Lucasfilm?

The woman holding her child in the river seems to be an actual character, just based on the framing of the shot.

Maybe I will do a shot-by-shot analysis and figure out what the hell is going on.

The Mandalorian premiers on Disney+ on November 12, 2019.