During the Winter Olympics last year in South Korea we were treated to a teaser trailer for the sequel to one of the most beloved superhero movies of all time.

No, not Ant-man And The Wasp. I’m talking about that thinly veiled representation of the Fantastic Four, The Incredibles.

While I’ve never seen the movie myself (I know, I know!), a lot of comic book movie fans I talk to say that The Incredibles is one of the best representations of a super heroes ever to be put to film. Or maybe I’m imagining that?

In any case, it’s been 14 years since the debut of this super-family and in that time we’ve seen The Dark Knight trilogy, 18 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and a pathetically wrong-headed attempt to bring DC comics to the big screen.

So personally, I’m not getting too excited about a cartoon superhero movie — even from Pixar — that is coming out during a year that is also sees the arrival of Thanos.

But let’s have a look:

Wew. It has a real Mr. Mom meets This Is Us vibe going on, doesn’t it?

I guess some people will like it. After we’ve had over a decade of live-action super hero movies how do you guys think this will do?

The Incredibles 2 suits up for audiences on June 15th.