After seeing what’s happening with Solo: A Star Wars Story I don’t think I’m ready to even watch this trailer.

Predator is universally regarded as one of the best action movies of all-time. In my book, it also one of the best movies ever made.

With the exception of some pedestrian second-unit direction during the Compound Attack sequence, which isn’t noticeable unless someone points it out to you (you’re welcome), there is not one false note in the entire 107 minutes.

It’s always a nice day with MCA around

Even Predator 2, which swapped Central American jungle for dystopian, near-future Los Angeles asphalt, is a fun little re-mix of the alien slasher genre. It can be kind of goofy, but come on: maximum smarmy Paxton, Busey going lions and tigers, Maria Conchita Alonso in her prime, Morton Downey Jr. for God’s sake!

Then there was the hack Predator Vs Alien movies and a near-miss interplanetary attempt with Larry Fishburne called Predators.

Now we have Shane Black, terrible-joke-telling Hawkins from the original Predator, bringing his unique stylings to yet another Hunter From The Stars movie.

Damn, i love that flipping movie. But back to Black… he’s on kind of a winning streak lately with Iron Man 3 and The Nice Guys, so they gave him more rope called The Predator.

Is this going to be a fresh take that reinvigorated a dead franchise or just more plundering of the nostalgia tombs in hope of lost treasures? Let’s see:

Yeah… well then… for bitter ennui lasting longer than 6 minutes doctors recommend that you come out to coast and have a few laughs.