I Was Never Into Rambo

Or Rocky

Back in the 1980s, you had to choose and Arnold just starred in more unique films.

  • Washed-up boxer getting a shot or barbarian warrior out for revenge?
  • Vietnam vet fighting Russians or elite special forces against an alien?
  • Tango & Cash or Terminator 2?
  • Cop thawed-out to fight terrorists in the future or super-hero secret agent fighting terrorists in the present?

Ok, maybe that last one is not a good comparison.

Maybe, for whatever reason, Arnold just always had better directors.

Or maybe he just trusted them more and their collaborations made them both great? 

What is Cameron without Arnold? Would Milius be so cult-iconic without Conan?

In any case, Arnold wasn’t just bigger, he was better.

But This Has All Changed

For the last two decades, Arnold has made pure trash while Stallone has been involved with a lot of middling product that occasionally dips into genre-good like with 2008’s Rambo and Creed.

Rambo: Last Blood is one of his few chances left to pull even with Schwarzenegger.

Does this last and final trailer sell you? 

OK, Sold Me

There are many cool kills in that trailer.

I also believe we have to support this kind of movie — if it is decent —in the same way the soapboxers support alt-life movies regardless of their quality.

I’ll probably buy two tickets to this and go see Ad Astra as well. 

Or maybe three tickets, if either one of them is actually good.

Still Need More?

Here are some TV clips leading up to the release:

Plus, a “greatest hits” reel to get you psyched for the bloodbath:

Rambo: Last Blood tries to kill astronauts and English kents September 20, 2019.

Then, that’s it for Rambo for the rest of time. 😥 

Haha, just kidding… we still need a Rambo v. Predator. Or something.

Rambo V: The Savage Hunt