An Urbanite Cope

“Cope” is apparently one of the new words kids have been throwing around Twitter for the last couple of months.

It means what it sounds like:

A cope or coping mechanism, is a psychological strategy whereby someone rejects a harsh truth, and adopts a less disturbing belief instead.

I prefer newer internet buzzwords like groyp, which isn’t in the Urban Dictionary yet.

A cope is exactly what the fake baby is in Servant, a new M. Night Shyamalan-produced drama from Apple TV+.

But There’s Something More

I’m guessing the nanny is the baby who died, right? That would be fucked up.

What would be more fucked up is if the baby is actually The Mandalorian.

I’d pay to see that reveal.

Even if that isn’t what happens, I’ll probably check this out anyway.

Servant will be torrented to your Firestick running Kodi via null-encrypted tor-based NordVPN on November 28, 2019.

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