I’d Love To Go Back To Greece

But even if I do go back, will it be the same?

Hell, at the rate we’re going I’m not sure Alamo Drafthouse will be the same.

Fortunately, IFC is back with their latest comedy travelogue to give us the sights and tastes of the cradle of civilization:

When Odysseus left Troy it took him ten years to get back to his home in Ithaca. Steve and Rob have only six days on their own personal odyssey in The Trip To Greece. On the way they argue about tragedy and comedy, astronomy and biology, myth, history, democracy and the meaning of life!

Featuring locations such as: Temple of Apollo at Delphi, the Ancient Agora of Athens, the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, the unique island of Hydra, the Caves of Diros, Nestor’s Palace, Niokastro Fortress in Pylos, and Ancient Stagira, as well as a lot of shooting in restaurants and hotels in Athens, Hydra, Lesvos, Chalkidiki, Pelion, Kavala, and at the Peloponnese.

Hydra Island. Not related to the MCU, shorts-wearing fanbaby.

As I’ve discussed before, these The Trip To movies are great travel guides for those of us who can afford to take a few weeks off and jet to The Continent at our leisure for overpriced scallops and inexpensive wine.

All one had to do was follow the same exact itinerary as the movie and you were guaranteed to see some great vistas, explore some famous sites, enjoy some great meals and get a very hot bartender make you a very weird cocktail.

That’s All Over Now

Unfortunately, the current plandemic has made air travel so cheap that anyone can get themselves a ticket to Athens for the price of a pair of jeans.

So, these movies just fill me with rage

This year, Europe is going to be like Restaurant Week.

You know, when all the gutter trash show up to your favorite eatery, waving their coupons and pouring cheap Chardonnay down their stinking yaps while laughing like baboons at how funny it is to disturb your dining experience.

In other words, the only way that you and I, as sophisticated partakers of both culture and cuisine, can enjoy the Greece we know and love — the exclusive Greece — will be through this movie.

Ironic, isn’t it?

The Trip To Greece will be on VOD May 22, 2020.

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