The Anti-Stuber Movie

Saban Films has released the trailer for American Dreamer, a thriller from director Derrick Borte (The Joneses) that features comic Jim Gaffigan taking on one of the darker roles of his career.

American Dreamer, once known as All The Animals Come Out At Night is co-written and produced by Daniel Forte and Scott Floyd Lochmus. The story follows a down-on-his-luck rideshare driver who decides to kidnap his criminal employer’s child for ransom when he hits rock bottom.

Here’s the trailer:

The movie’s synopsis:

“A down on his luck rideshare driver (Jim Gaffigan) who makes extra cash chauffeuring a low-level drug dealer around town finds himself in a serious financial bind and decides to kidnap the dealer’s child.”

And check out this poster, got a real 90s feel about it:

American Dreamers hits theaters, digital, and on-demand on September 20.