This is Just Weird

Read the summary and tell me it isn’t:

When townspeople start dying from a mysterious illness, Abigail’s town closes itself off from the outside world and takes away everyone infected with the disease, including Abigail’s beloved father, to be executed. Ten years later, as she’s trying to escape the town’s security forces, Abby uncovers a shocking truth – her father may still be alive. Filled with danger and discoveries, Abby sets out on a magical steampunk adventure that overturns everything she once knew about the world, her family and even herself.

Now, check out the trailer and watch it get weirder:

“There Is No Epidemic”

Deadly disease spreading.

Government-mandated lockdowns.

People walking around in masks.

A cover of “Zombie,” which was a pretty good song about 10 years too late.

But it’s all a hoax for control, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

The only thing missing is references to 5G.

What Did Disney Know?

And when did they know it?

It’s got the 20th Century logo on it, so we have to blame Disney, right?

It turns out that 20th Century only has the distribution rights in Russia, which makes sense because the production is almost entirely Russian.

Do we think that they re-cut this trailer and re-dubbed dialogue to make it about pandemic? Smart, if they did.

Either way, I give it to those Russian hackers, this is a hell of a bullshit psyche job.

Abigail, which was allegedly released theatrically last year, is available now on streaming and physical media.

ABIGAIL (2020) - Official Movie Site