Here It Is, Goblins!

Remember where you are at this exact moment because it is one of truly awesome cultural importance.

We are now paying homage to a film that paid homage to the nerd culture so well it became part of nerd culture which is now using it to look back on… nerd culture!

I give you Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary.

So assuming you sat through that you’ll probably agree it looks interesting but interesting enough to pay to see? I have my doubts.

For those of you who couldn’t be bothered to watch even the trailer let me nutshell it for you.

It all began when a group of producers set out to make a movie about nerd culture and ended up contributing one of the greatest not-Star-Trek Star Trek movie ever made and created 1999’s Galaxy Quest.

There were ups and downs, drama and laughter, peril and heroics, also apparently a fire and that was just in post-production!



Well I can’t say I entirely blame you. After all, we’re talking about the impact of a movie made to show the impact of a TV show and share hilarious insights into the obsessive nature of its fans.

Jesus, the lines are all so blurry between entertainment, fandom and homages I don’t even know what I’m actually mocking here.

And please don’t get me wrong, Galaxy Quest was a fine movie. A pleasant surprise even but I don’t think it has quite the impact the existence of this documentary would have you believe.

Rather I feel this is more a celebration of those who recognized early on the value of exploiting the nerd culture under the guise of an homage.

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Where’s my homage ass face?

Keep in mind this was made in the years before Bryan Singer’s kick-ass X-Men gave comic book fans some respect on film and Jon Favreau’s Ironman making it sexy to not fit in the advertised status quo.

I guess they just didn’t expect their monster would come out tap dancing instead of lurching so I guess it follows that they would want to exploit that as well.

Watch for this bad boy to be cake walking into a theatre near you on November 26th.