Who Says There’s No Success In Violence?

It’s all in the wrist

R-rated films of the horror and action flavor have been experiencing something of a renaissance recently. At least from a financial standpoint. Be it the John Wick movies or the string of successes Blumhouse Studios – who is producing this as well –  has enjoyed, people are going out to see these genre offerings rather than wait for them to hit whatever streaming service they eventually land on. A not insignificant detail.

Which Brings Us To…

The movie in question: Upgrade. A story whose basic premise “everyday hero gets augmented to deal with the bad guys,” goes back decades, itself receives an upgraded story, one that mixes body-horror and over-the-top violence and gore with hyper-stylized action scenes reminiscent of recent films like John Wick and the soon to be released Hotel Artemis.

So with no further ado, the trailer:


Personally, I’m digging the lack of self-seriousness. This is looking to be a mash-up of John Wick and Crank. And that can only be a good thing.

Upgrade releases the new flesh June 1st.

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