We’ve Been Here Before

A couple of months ago, I showed you people the trailers for Rogue Warfare, a military adventure franchise that was financed by German drug money and seen by no one. 

Now comes the trailer for a Norse mythology adventure franchise in the same vein.

When Thor and Loke seek refuge in the home of mortals, the youngest son fails to heed a warning from the Gods. As atonement for the family’s sins, the gods take the two youngest children under their wing and embark on an epic adventure from Midgard to Valhalla, that will see them stare down ruthless giants, barbaric Gods and the dreaded wolf Fenrir.


The original script for Marvel’s first Thor film was supposed to have taken place entirely in the 7th century. While that would have likely bombed at the box office and taken the entire MCU down with it, it would have been worth it just to see that movie.

And in case you are wondering, Thor and the rest of the Norse gods have been in the public domain for thousands of years.

I believe the only manifestations of said gods that are protected by Marvel copyright is the use of Thor’s hammer to call down lightning and the ability of Thor to fly using Mjolnir.

Neither of which we see in this trailer:

That Was a Lot Better Than Expected

I like the look of the movie. 

Plus adding in the girl as The Chosen One makes me think that the producers actually want people to see this movie.

Who knows. I won’t be seeing it and neither will you, but it makes for an interesting discussion point while we’re waiting to breathe the free air again.

And that’s what life is all about, isn’t it? Impressing people with your esoteric knowledge of film and genre entertainment?

Valhalla, or if you prefer the proper title Valhalla: Legend Of Thor, will likely be available for stream or to purchase at some point.

Hell, you can probably download it now.