Hello, Peeps

Alan Moore’s graphic novel Watchmen faced a rocky development path before being released in theaters in 2009. It went through several different directors and screenwriters before Zack Snyder was finally hired to make it.

Though most people recognize David Hayter as the voice of Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, he is also a filmmaker whose writing credits include the first two X-Men movies and in the early 2000s was one of those brought in to attempt to write and direct the project.

He got far enough along that he shot some test footage for the studio, which has just leaked online.

Human Bean Juice

The scene in the leaked footage is one of the iconic moments from the graphic novel that should be instantly recognizable to fans of the comic when Nite Owl finds Rorschach in his apartment eating beans.

Behind the Rorschach mask is one-time Punisher Ray Stevenson, with former Game Of Thrones star Iain Glen as Nite Owl.

The acting isn’t that great and it seems to follow the same scene pretty close to how Alan Moore wrote it.

Nothing new is really revealed with this leak, but it’s pretty cool when stuff like this gets out into the public. Hayter’s script made a number of changes from the source material, such as setting it in the present day instead of the 80s, which are not present in the footage.

Rorschach is also played differently than Jackie Earle Haley portrayed him in the Zack Snyder film. Instead of the gravely Batman voice used there, Stevenson uses more of a natural tone that is easier to listen to.

Even though Hayter’s script ultimately went unproduced, Moore read it and despite being a grump who hates anything to do with Hollywood, said that he thought the script was as close as anyone would get to correctly adapting his work.