Even though the civil rights movement peaked 50 years, HBO — like most far-Left activist media — feels racial strife based on imaginary injustices is the easiest way to market an esoteric TV show based on a forgotten movie in 2019.

Don’t tell me I’m paranoid or reading into things until you watch this new trailer:

The earnest, flat-affect black mom warns her scared daughter that the world is “black and white”. The masked white militia terrorizes the black family. Said earnest, flat-affect black mom masks up and proceeds to beat up many white men. 

And this is just the trailer.

I don’t care if they bring Doctor Manhattan back from Mars.  It’s predictable. It’s dangerous. It’s fucking despicable.

The reason why Watchmen worked so well is that the nihilism came from being at the whim of powers far beyond our control and understanding. It blamed the masks, the politicians, the armies, The Doctor. It never blamed us to turn us against each other. There were multi-dimensional characters like Rorschach and Veidt that had complex motivations and backgrounds. It was absolutely grey.

This HBO show seems to what to demonize at least 35% of the population of the United States by making everything about one thing. This is cheap politics meant to inflame, reinforce a false narrative and foment chaos. 

Don’t watch. If you get curious, starve the beast. Exercise cinematic immunity.