I say a lot of dumb shit before I get to the trailer.

I got nothing to say.

I wanted you to be as surprised as I was because being surprised is something that happens once and you can never get back. 

I’m stunned about how good that trailer is.

The music is perfect? Right? Captain Sparkle Fingers? Flipping awesome.

This is the post-modern superheroism that Deadpool laid the groundwork for.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe superheroes aren’t dead. Maybe they just changed?

I just can’t stop laughing at and feeling good about this movie.

It’s stoopid as hell. I love it.


  1. Wow, so Marvel went and completely reshot and recast Captain Marvel so quickly over a few Rotten Tomatoes scores?

  2. I had a huge discussion about the new Captain Marvel movie a few days ago with someone at work and it took a while to realize that I was talking about this and he was talking about the Brie Larson one.

  3. Never would’ve thought that Aquaman and now THIS would probably be the salvation of the DCEU. And that’s coming from someone who more or less liked Man of Steel and dug BvS. I think this is the direction they need to go to sustain this particular universe.

  4. Still ain’t feeling it…shazam doesn’t stay a kid mentality as shazam (at least when I was collecting) and when did shivana become superhuman?

  5. The only time I have ever given a golden turd about Shazam was in Kingdom Come. Other than that, he can just fuck off.


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