I Couldn’t

And I’m a professional.

So there’s no reason to expect a Film Civilian to be able to endure.

I haven’t seen Bad Boys or Bad Boys II all the way through and maybe I’ve never seen more than a couple of scenes of each on YouTube — I can’t remember.

But what I have seen is rather entertaining in that “Black Folks Are Funny” way:

I can sort of understand why someone would watch a whole movie like this.

It’s genuinely funny, kind of clever and maybe a little racist.

I Will Never Understand This For Life Shit

Martin Lawrence is bloated and slow. He sounds like he had a stroke.

Yes, he did have a heat stroke and go into a three-day coma while filming Big Momma’s House, that was in 1999 and Bad Boys II came out in 2003. It’s unrelated.

Will Smith is checked out completely. He just doesn’t give a shit. 

The derivative, self-referencing, doubling-back dialogue sounds like J.J. Abrams puked and that pile of vomit wrote this script. 

Most of the time in bad movies the dialogue is just lazy and you can rewrite it in your head to be more original and distinct. Here the entire opening conversation is so cliched and shallow that there is nothing you can do, except squint while you suffer through it.

True Dat

Watch for yourself if you don’t believe me:

For all intents and purposes, Hollywood thinks we are functionally-retarded cattle that can be overwhelmed with car chases and explosions. 

They might not be wrong.