Road Trip!

When I was a teen, I read Stephen King novels, Salem’s Lot being my all time favorite, revisiting it often. That tapered out in the 90’s when I started losing interest in the worsening writing as did King in producing quality horror.

Hopefully, the new series Castle Rock changes all that.

Castle Rock is a mainstay in many of his books, a nexus of sorts for all things evil and terrifying. If you’re a fan, there are a lot of great Easter eggs in this newly released trailer. Shawshank prison and Warden Norton, sewers, missing kids, Sissy Spacek (the original Carrie!), and Bill Skarsgård (the current Pennywise!).

I love a creepy, atmospheric series and I’m hoping this delivers!

Castle Rock premieres on Hulu in 2018.

Produced by J.J. Abrams (Lost, Fringe), Castle Rock also stars Scott Glenn (Daredevil ,The Defenders) André Holland (Moonlight, 42) , Jane Levy (Evil Dead, Twin Peaks) and the great Terry O’Quinn (Lost).


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