And Your Bi-Monthly Elisabeth Shue Update

The cast and crew of Cobra Kai appeared at Comic-Con’s Ballroom 20 to discuss the franchise, and the top story from that panel is that the third season of Cobra Kai will see Daniel LaRusso return to Okinawa, Japan, making a clear reference to The Karate Kid Part II.

Co-creator, writer, and showrunner Josh Heald announced:

“Season three is a lot how to move forward and in that construct we also find the Cobra Kai and Miyagi Do sides of our journey moving inwardly. We dig a little into the origin of both Miyagi Do and Cobra Kai, and in that journey, we will see Daniel LaRusso return to Okinawa.”

In The Karate Kid Part II Daniel accompanied Mr. Miyagi, to Okinawa who was returning to his homeland to visit his ill father. It’s there that the pair get dragged into a long-standing rivalry with Sato and his nephew Chozen.

The stars of the show were also in attendance, including Tanner Buchanan, Mary Mouser, Xolo Mariduena, Martin Kove, William Zabka, and Ralph Macchio.

Heald refused to comment on whether or not Elisabeth Shue would reprise her role as Ali. Shue is also at Comic-Con promoting new Amazon series The Boys.

Macchio admitted that he heard she was attending the con, but wouldn’t say if he planned on meeting her while in San Diego.

YouTube Premium is making Cobra Kai available for free soon. Season 1 episodes will all be released for free on Aug. 29, while Season 2 will release one episode per week starting Sept. 11.

We’ll post more details for the third season when we get them.