DISCWORLD is Coming from BBC Studios And Man, Did Terry Pratchett Love His Hats

Terry Pratchett, an old guy with a penchant for hats, is finally having his famous Discworld series translated to the screen, now that he’s dead.

terry pratchett discworld in a hat
Terry Pratchett, author of the DISCWORLD series and connoisseur of fine hats.

Although Pratchett held back on selling film/television rights to his Discworld series during his life, his estate was apparently entirely cool with selling the rights once he died. And now the BBC is busy making a 6-part miniseries based on the books, apparently intending to turn it into a franchise.

terry pratchet discworld hat
Famed sci-fi and fantasy author Terry Pratchett, demonstrating his love of fine chapeaus.

BBC is Looking for Partners for DISCWORLD

Simon Allen is presently set to be writing the series. No broadcasters are currently attached (not even the BBC, apparently), but since BBC Studios is now free to sell to other broadcast companies, they are apparently looking for partners to share the cost of production. One company that will definitely be co-producing is Narrativia, the production company that Pratchett started in 2012, presently trying to get as much juice out of that Pratchett IP for Pratchett’s daughter, Rhianna Pratchett, and Rob Wilkins, Pratchett’s former business manager.

terry pratchett in a top hat
Terry Pratchett likes hats.

Discworld is about a flat disc world (see how well the title of the series works?) that is balanced on the backs of four elephants standing on top of each other, and then those elephants are on the back of a giant turtle. Makes nothing but sense.

terry pratchett discworld hat
Terry Pratchett. A man who loved hats.

Filming on the series starts in September with the first episodes set to air in 2019.

Also, read Hauling Them Rathtars’ excellent “You Think You Know Someone” if you haven’t already. That is all.

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