The launch of the new Disney+ streaming service creeps ever closer, with a seemingly relentless drip-drip of news about new content.  We already brought you news of Disney being extra keen about The Mandalorian here.

Tomorrow is a big day for Disney, or today depending on your time zone as you read this. It’s the annual investors presentation. Disney+ is expected to take centre stage during the event.

Limited Hawkeye Passes Torch

Clint Barton will return, and not just in Avengers: Endgame.  Variety is reporting that Jeremy Renner will reprise the role of Hawkeye in an eight-episode limited run.  This will cover the handing over of the Hawkeye mantle to Kate Bishop.  

Kate is the current Hawkeye in the comics as part of Marvel’s seemingly endless quest to genders swap most of its stable.

“Step aside white male CIS, let the women take it from here!”

Disney, Marvel and Renner’s reps declined to comment.

The series joins other Disney+ limited series planned for some of the MCU characters including Loki, Falcon and Winter Soldier, and a series focussing on Vision and Scarlet Witch.

Whether these series will take place elsewhere in the MCU timeline, or if this confirms some Endgame outcomes, remains to be seen.

Just The Facts Ma’am

It’s not just all Star Wars and Marvel action shows for Disney+.  The Disney stable includes National Geographic and it turns out some of this content will be factual.

There are TEN unscripted series currently in development.  This is TV speak for documentary or reality content.

Two of these are Marvel factual series.  The Live Feed has uncovered details.  One is called Marvel 616 and according to the report it will be an anthological documentary series exploring “the intersection between Marvel’s rich legacy of stories, characters, and creators and the world outside your window.”

Different filmmakers will make each episode to investigate the real world context of Marvel Comics stories and their impact.

The second is Marvel’s Hero Project.  This will focus on young kids, the titular “Heroes”, who are making a difference in their own way through selfless acts of bravery or kindness and celebrates them.

Amateur heroes – disappointing and incorrectly branded.

This will, of course, be wasted on me as I don’t have a heart and think I might have left my sentimentality on a train when I was about fourteen years old.

Wait, There’s More!

Also in the works is Earthkeepers, which will no doubt be about conservationists, Be Our Chef where the clue is in the title and Cinema Relics which tours the props and costumes warehouses looking at the history of Disney films.

If this guy isn’t hosting Be Our Chef then we ain’t watching!

One tip for our Goblins is to allow them to practice maximum avoidance. The Kristen Bell-produced Encore! will reunite high school musical castmates years later to recreate their performance.  See, it’s a service we provide here on Film Goblin!

Even this loveliness couldn’t make us watch Encore!

Tell us which organs you plan to sell to an illicit backstreet surgeon in order to finance all these streaming and entertainment options below.