Well, it’s not as bad as we were expecting.  A strategically chosen Netflix beater of a price?  Will the entire family, several friends and three girls you dated in the last four years also be able to access this, as they can with your Netflix?

So How Much Is It?

Disney+ has had its big launch at the investor presentation.  Along with a November 12th launch and an hour outlining all of the content to come, a starting price point of $6.99 a month was revealed.

Given Disney’s premium product approach to things like theme parks and cruise lines, with a price to match, that’s not as bad as we were expecting.  An annual $69.99 option was also revealed.

No international pricing was mentioned, but UK goblins can probably expect a dollar for pound straight price translation as usual, so £6.99 is a safe bet at this stage.

What Do We Get?

Disney also spent the time showing off their apps and interfaces across devices and channels. The content section of the presentation spoke to many hours of high-profile selections across the Disney Signature, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic and even Disney Channel libraries. Then there was the original content such as The Mandalorian and thanks to the Fox merger — all seasons of The Simpsons, as well as a potentially discounted price for people bundling a subscription with ESPN+ and Hulu 

As this was an investor the conference, they also got into the nitty-gritty.  Cold, hard cash. The price of taking the fight to Netflix and Amazon doesn’t come cheap.

Show Me The Money!

There is an expectation that Disney+ would lose as much as a billion dollars in 2020, with losses peaking between 2020 and 2022, before expected profitability in 2024.

The company is willing to lose all of that money to fight Netflix (and all other competitors) for several years, so at the least it could be a while before there are any more price hikes as they will need to repel borders.

Netflix has over 139 million subscribers and has become a cultural code word for casual sex, but has lately seemed to be getting greedy while struggling with true quality content while spending billions.

Disney+ and chill?  Sounds unwholesome and just plain wrong!

What do you think?  Will you be shelling out at $6.99?  Or is Stranger Things and old Jason Statham movies all you need?

Tell us below.