Like a man dying of thirst crawling through the Sonoran desert of shit that has for the most part been the entertainment industry this past year.

Or more accurately, crawling over shit covered broken glass.

Relief is finally here in the joyous happening of another season of Cobra Kai.

So Are You Shaken From Your Lethargy?

I am. I can’t fucking wait.

Even if Cobra Kai season 2 is half as good as Season One it’ll be fucking great.

 Man, I’m tired of mediocrity and outright fucking shill-backed franchises and trash.

I’m beyond exhausted with this shit…

Cobra Kai succeeded in hitting all the right notes: being irreverent, funny, charming, melancholy, exciting, thought-provoking and most importantly completely free of SJW Commie, pussy, horseshit.

In fact, the show had the balls to outright mock the SJW movement, their hypocrisy and monstrous underlying dangerous intentions to our culture.

Oh… and pin a fucking Kennedy Center honors medal on William Zabka.

Bring it on, pussies. Cobra Kai is coming back on April 24 on YouTube.

Original photo from the Cobra Kai Season One Halloween party