Gotta Go Back, Way Back…

The problem with Prequels, in general, is two-fold.  Firstly, we already know how this ends, so a lot of drama and mystery is gone from the very start.  Secondly, we have frequently already told these tales, in books or in comics or in flashbacks or even in our own heads.

What can compete with our own imaginations?  In general, Prequels are great on paper with an established brand, a built-in audience, and familiarity.  However in practice?  Not so much.  Even if the first instalments are successful, they eventually end up boxing themselves into narrative dead ends as the segue into what came before approaches, or treading over old ground.

So if you are going to do it, then maybe it’s best to go way, way, way back to a time when a story can be told with a bit of breathing space?

…Back Into Time

Which is exactly what they are doing with the Game Of Thrones prequel.  Shooting has officially begun on the pilot for the Game Of Thrones prequel in Northern Ireland. 

Jane Goldman (X-Men First Class, Kingsmen, Kick-Ass) and author George R.R. Martin are co-writing the series.  It will be set several millennia before the events of Thrones.  If it’s picked up then it will cover how the world of Esteros and beyond descended into the feudal nightmare we saw in the original.  

Goldman with husband, UK chat show host Jonathan Ross

A heroic age of relative peace and prosperity will be brought to an end as we see ancient Westeros history, including the Starks, the origin of the White Walkers and threats from the East.

One time Star Trek helmer, whose 4th Kelvin-verse movie remains stalled, S.J. Clarkson will direct the pilot which includes Naomi Watts in the cast.

Goldman will also be the showrunner and will executive produce alongside Martin.

No news yet on screening plans and decision deadlines.