The Board Is Set

Well, this is it.  Yesterday’s episode was the calm before the storm.  All the characters are now in play, and in place.  Characters ranging from beloved to tolerated are on the ramparts of Winterfell or the fields before its walls ready for the fight we have long known is coming.

The Night King and his army of the dead are here and the Battle of Winterfell is set to begin.

“Who’s a good Weapon Of Mass Destruction? You are!”

So now, with only four episodes remaining of one of the greatest TV shows of our age, it seems like an ideal time to ask ourselves the killer question…

How the fuck is this all going to end?

Spoilers abound from here on in for those of you yet to catch up on yesterday’s episode – A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms – or who are planning to binge watch the entire thing in the future.  Proceed at your peril.

Seven arms, made of arms, for seven kingdoms?

The Battle To End All Battles

  • Jon Snow shows he has absolutely no sense of timing when he delivers bad news to Dany that she is fucking her own nephew and that he outranks her in the race to the throne. But does he want it?
  • Sansa makes it clear The North will never bend the knee again, then goes all gooey for a man with no penis. How will Theon’s people play into this?
  • Did anyone else find watching Arya pop her cherry really uncomfortable?
  • Is Dany beginning to show signs of the old Targaryen lust for power and entitlement after being so likable for so long?
  • Are dragons even deployable when the Night King has a throwing arm like that?
  • Is the Night King about to get a wake-up call as the allies are packing Valerian steel and Dragon-glass en-masse for the first time?
  • And what the hell awaits whoever survives as Cersei and the Golden Company, sans elephants, mass in the South?
  • Who will live?  Who will die?  Who will win the Game Of Thrones

To Disqus!  Your watch begins.