Does the latest Game Of Thrones teaser, entitled Aftermath, hint at some major character deaths in the upcoming eighth season of the HBO juggernaut?

The teaser shows lingering shots of a deserted and ransacked Winterfell before a final shot of a lead character’s trusted weapon lying abandoned in the snow.  

Check it out for yourself here:

However more eagle-eyed viewers, and those with a deep immersion into Westeros lore, will have spotted many, many more little nuggets here than just Jon Snow’s sword.

Also laying abandoned, wrecked or battle used throughout the teaser are a Dragonglass arrow, Arya’s sword – Needle, Tyrion’s pin, the feather that Robert put on Lyanna’s tomb, Bran’s chair, Jaime’s golden hand and Daenery’s chain.  

There is also a glimpse of the Night King in the background.

Easter egg-laden, for sure!  But is it foreshadowing?  Did we miss any details?  How do you think Game Of Thrones will end?  Tell us what you think below.


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