Believe or not…. The Greatest American Hero (the 1981 series starring the legendary William Katt) is being remade into a modern comedy. It found its lead in Hannah Simone, who played the gorgeous best friend to Zoe Deschanel’s adorkable New Girl.

The new Hero series will have Simone playing Meera, a Cleveland woman, whose hobbies include drinking tequila and singing karaoke. Like the original series she’ll be gifted the suit by an alien and comedy ensues (?). This will be produced by Nahnatchka Khan, who produces Fresh Off The Boat. Simone has been in New Girl, Flock of Dudes (yes apparently that is a real movie. I checked.), and the American remake of Old Boy.

Do we need another Greatest American Hero? Probably not. But in our current political climate of negativity and Millennials feeling hopeless maybe a comedy that shows us even hard drinking poorly singing model-esque screw ups can make a difference…. maybe that’ll inspire us all.

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