Posted and Then Pulled

The Boys Season 2 trailer dropped last night form Amazon Prime, and now, just 17 hours later, it has disappeared, scrubbed from the Internet.

Except, the Internet is forever, and so, Twitter is helpful for finding scrubbed content that you might want to be forgotten.

Check out the trailer embedded below:

More Violence. A Lot More Violence.

The first season of The Boys was a bloody affair, with plenty of violence as you would expect from a Garth Ennis created property. However, it appears as though the level has been pushed up to ten here.

Never trust a supe.

The second season is clearing ramping things up with the death count. It also looks like Homelander is going to be pursued relentlessly throughout the second season by Butcher and his superhero takedown crew.

From the trades:

The teaser is soaked with blood and filled with defiant middle fingers, guns, punches and other indications that season 2 might try to be even more raucous than the first go-round.

Why Pull This?

Who knows?

More likely than not, there were some images or shots that Amazon wanted to recut and make sure they are tight.

Had to get more Terror into the trailer.

There’s also no dialogue, just quick image cuts and that raucous music which is sure to raise some hackles.

The Boys Season Two drops on Amazon Prime at a date to be determined in 2020.