“…A Thousand Years Of Sacrifice In Our Veins.”

As Film Goblin reported earlier this month, Russia is pissed at HBO and the US for releasing their drama mini-series, Chernobyl which documents the harrowing events that occurred in 1986.

According to the Communists, this ‘Western’ version of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, is propaganda and lies.

Well, Russia continues to seethe at having her panties pulled down over HBO’s Chernobyl.

Fresh off the back of the recent roasting the Russian government aimed at the mini-series chronicling the events of the catastrophe, the Russian Communist Party, a Marxist-Leninist political party separate from the larger Communist Party of the Russian Federation, is calling for a ban of the HBO series from airing in Russia.

The Russian Communist Party is also seeking a libel lawsuit to be brought against the show’s creator, Craig Mazin, plus the producers and writers behind the series. The group argues the show is in violation of Article 129 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which forbids:

  • “The spreading of deliberately falsified information that denigrates the honour and dignity of another person or undermines his reputation in a public speech or in a publicly performed work.”

WTF Are You Doing Comrades???

In a statement, party member Sergey Malinkovich called the series an “ideological manipulation on the part of HBO,” adding:

“The TV series about the dramatic events of April 1986 is an ideological tool designed to defame and demonize the image of the Soviet government and Soviet people. Although the chronology of the series’ events and key moments correspond to reality, the actions of the heroes themselves, the order of relationships in institutions and collectives, and finally, the moral climate in Soviet society itself is the first example of an absolute lie.”

The party will request that the regulator blocks local access, stating that the series:

“turned a tragedy into an object of ideological manipulation, demonising the Soviet regime and Soviet people”.

Despite the party’s calls for libel lawsuits and mass bannings, Malinkovich has conceded that the series correctly portrayed key moments of the nuclear disaster.

The Russian Communist Party member Sergey Malinkovich (middle)

The show’s popularity in the country has also become something of a sore point for the Russian government, which per according to The Moscow Times, is launching a “mini-crusade” against the series, part of which includes the development of its own series about the disaster from the country’s NTV channel. Russian media is trying to cut the success short by saying the show is a “caricature and not the truth.”

Chernobyl reactor hall (present day)

I’ve been blown away by the quality of this show. If you haven’t watched any of yet, do yourself a favour and change that.

It can be difficult viewing at times, but you won’t be sorry. It is an excellent story that gives a behind the scenes POV of the decisions made by those behind The Iron Curtain during the most catastrophic nuclear disaster in history.

“We’re still wearing the hats”