Honky Be Trippin’!

American media companies still seem unable to understand that people have a finite income and, if forced to choose between Harry Potter on a loop and eating, then most will probably choose eating.  

But that isn’t stopping them all having a go in the already crowded home entertainment streaming segment, bless them.

No! Not THAT Harry on a loop!

We have long suspected that people in the entertainment industry are not very clever.  The kind of staggering incompetence that was on display in Amy Pascal’s leaked emails, or the complete inability to connect the well-known dots of “Woke” and “Broke”, just prove us right.  

The kind of fucktardation that would get you fired in any other industry seems to get you promoted in Hollywood.  Now it seems they are not even capable of doing simple maths. They divide the number of potential customers between the number of potential suppliers and somehow still arrive at “Yes, this makes business sense!”

They then follow it up with a decision to charge more than all of their rivals.

How Much?

A new report in The Wall Street Journal indicates the upcoming WarnerMedia subscription video-on-demand service will apparently come in at, wait for it, $16-$17 a month!

The report also indicates WarnerMedia has scrapped their original ‘three-tier’ plan. Instead, there will be a single service offering bundling Warner streaming content with HBO and Cinemax content.
Kevin Reilly, President, TBS/TNT and Chief Creative Officer, during the WarnerMedia Upfront 2019 in NYC.


WarnerMedia is to launch a beta version of its streaming service near the end of this year, just in time for Disney+ to join Netflix and Amazon Prime in slapping it about like a bitch, while CBS All Access hides, quivering, in a toilet stall to avoid its beating.