New Trailer, Who Dis?

Netflix continues to push the content we didn’t really know we wanted until they give it to us.  With Disney+ looming on the horizon, hoovering up all things Star Wars, Marvel or Mouse, they need some big hitters as people are going to be forced to make their streaming choices pretty soon.

Have they got one here, straight from the nostalgia well?

Back To The 80s!

Luckily the chances of a remake of Ewoks: Caravan Of Courage seem remote, even from Disney+, so where else are we to go in order to get our dose of cutesy adventurers?  It’s not like that My Little Pony and Care Bears team up movie is happening any time soon, dammit!

We all know we’ll be forced to watch this with our kids, right? So let’s pray it’s not shit, for all our sakes.  Now Netflix, get on Ulysses 31 or Dogtanian And The Three Muskehounds and we can talk.  Or at the absolutely outside Around The World With Willy Fogg or The Mysterious Cities Of Gold.

Just leave Wizzbit the fuck alone!