Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will be the first mainline titles since Pokemon Sun and Moon in 2016, and the first mainline title to be launched on a home console.

Well… is the Switch a home console or a mobile device?

Either way, it’s an overpriced piece of plastic that I’ll probably be buying because it’s holding my Pokemon hostage. I’m not sure if I’m an old man or a kid when I see a console as a gimmicky toy but I also want to play Pokemon.

I’m old but I still want to use magical monsters in what are essentially brutal dog fights.

With the second Detective Pikachu trailer dropping right before a Pokemon Direct, Pokemon is managing to stay relevant even 23 years after the first game launched on the original Game Boy.

Do you have a favorite?

Honestly, I thought the craze would have died down a little by now, but here we are now with a new generation and a set of three new starter Pokemon.

A grass-type chimp Pokemon “Grookey”, a fire-type rabbit Pokemon “Scorbunny”, and a water-type lizard Pokemon “Sobble”.

Pokemon Shield and Pokemon Sword will be launching Winter 2019.

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