Pagan Cosplay Circuit Partier Checking In!

Just kidding, I’m not into togas

I’ve also never much been into “scenes,” which I’m assuming is short for “music scenes” because you rarely see people who are into Dungeons & Dragons or lacrosse adopting a uniform or, as the scenes call it, a “look.”

Back in the early 90s, I hung out with the blacks and not the Carlton types.

I wore the Used jeans and the Ewings. I said the N-word a lot in public. Soft A.

I never wore the overall shorts, tho

I’m better now

Going to college and hanging around with white people cured me of all that.

Now I mainly just say the N-word when I’m alone in my house.

As far as a look, for the last 20 years, unless I’m going someplace fancy like court or Restaurant Rochambeau, I’ve worn swim trunks and a t-shirt.

Nothing against people dressing like they’re part of a gang but unless you’re living in a shithole country like Angola, which has a vibrant goth scene, all of this peacocking is as easy as filling up your online shopping cart.

Authentic scenes: just another casualty of progress.

The IG documenting the Hot Topic mallgoths of the 90s and 00s | Dazed

Prepared To Be Scened

I don’t know where these came from, I found them on some girl’s Facebook page.

Maybe someone wrote a book or something. Certainly seems like a lot of research.

However it came to be, this artist absolutely nails the shit out of some of the hollow freaks wandering around my small college town, looking for an attention-dick to suck.

If you find yourself on the list, don’t do the Goth thing — instead, cut up the river.

Fucking Fred Perry polo. I miss Gavin McGinguss.