I See Some Shilling On The Way

New Mutants Movie
Maisie Williams has haggis with rumors

(Via Digital Spy) Maisie Williams, co-star (and no one) of the upcoming X-Men spin-off film The New Mutants is reassuring fans everything is right as rain on the plains of Scotland. No worries. Steady as she goes. Williams will appear as Wolfsbane, a Scottish mutant and one of the original team members.

Williams denied that the reshoots were indicative of problems with the film. Nor is the 10 month delay in the film’s release. Because reasons. Among the plethora of rumors surrounding the reason(s) for the reshoots two of the more popular are the film’s director (Josh Boone) wanted to up the horror factor.

Considering the tone of the first trailer (dark, morose with a dollop of creepy), I have my doubts on that front:

But who knows? Our next big contender is Fox wants the film to tie directly into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Disney’s recent purchase of Fox Studios (viva the hegemony!) I’m willing to bet my two cents on this. Because synergy.

Williams went on (and on) to say that not only is she “properly excited” for the movie’s release, but that said delay can only improve the final cut.

The New Mutants is now evolving into theaters on Feb 22nd, 2019.