Who We Are

Forged In #MeToo

Once upon a time, every contributor at Film Goblin was a commenter in the Talkback section of a genre entertainment and fandom website called Ain’t It Cool News.

Then in October of 2017, #metoo allegations were made against the founder and editor of Ain’t It Cool News, Harry Knowles. A number of women came forward and told their story of disgusting, lecherous behavior by the wheelchair-bound Knowles.

As Talkbackers, we felt it was too much.

We had endured Knowles’ self-serving and destructive lies, his blatant Kickstarter fraud and his tax evasion but abusing women who just wanted to be close to the movie industry crossed the line.

Dozens of Talkerbackers left that site and in January of 2018 created Film Goblin.

Hundreds more have joined us. Will you join us too?

Film Goblin Team

We still use the same Disqus handles that we did at Ain’t It Cool News, both as a tribute to our origins and as a celebration of the serendipity of life.

Goblin Leadership

Trollprince The White
VP, Diversity & Global Outreach


Come With Me If You Want To Live
Editor In Chief


Helluva Texas Ronin
Senior Editor, Reviews


Gotta Have My Pops
Lead Artist


Active Goblins


If you are interested in joining the ever growing list of Film Goblin recruits email me us at thefilmgoblin@gmail.com and maybe you have what it takes to be a Goblin!