Welcome to another edition of our recurring feature here at Film Goblin:  NERD FIGHT!

How it works is really simple:  A movie-related central supposition or motion is proposed, and then everyone everywhere can go full geek and debate that motion.

The only rules are:

1) Stay on topic.

2) No personal attacks / don’t be a dick!

3) Have fun.


The Motion

This Nerd Fight topic is proposed by long-time Goblin follower, Claude Henry Smoot.  Thanks to him.  Got an idea for Nerd Fight?  See below for how to submit.

The specific supposition is this:


FROM THUNDERBOLT & Lightfoot to requiem for a dream, from Godfather II to the postman always rings twice.  HELL, EVEN THE EMPIRE STRIKE BACK.

They remind us life isnt a fairy tale or a game, that choices have repurcussions, and they stay with you loNg after the end Of the movie.

the greatest of all of these is on her majesty’s secret service.  Such a rapid switch from the joy of the wedding, so at odds with anything before or siNce in the franchise, and if you haven’t read the  book, completely unexpected.

So there it is.

To Disqus, and have at it fellow Movie Geeks! COME AT US  BRO!

“Why didn’t we win?”

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