Someone snaps some pics of what might be the big bad in the yet to be announced Black Widow movie. Check them out:

The Internet Thinks That This Is Taskmaster

I guess that costume could be him. Which is fine. Whatever. The MCU has ruined a lot of good villains by criminally underusing them or killing them off after one movie. 

Fortunately, Taskmaster is a pretty dumb villain, mainly because of his goofy costume.

I think “kill” is code for something…

The Taskmaster’s superpower is to instantly mimic the skills and fighting abilities of anyone he observes. Thus he can shoot a bow as well as Hawkeye and use a shield just like Captain America does.

Given his costume and generic name, I figured he was a product of 1990s Marvel but apparently his first appearance was in Avengers #195 all the way back in 1980. He is the brainchild of Venom creator David Michelinie and artist George Pérez.

Here is a better look from the set:

Click to enlarge

Notice the stamp on the side. Rendőrség is the Hungarian equivalent of the FBI. Is there a Hungarian super villain? Wait a minute… no… it can’t be… they wouldn’t dare!

So, it’s a terribly bland villain in a better costume. One of the best parts of the MCU is how they dialed back a lot of the bad guy suits. Klaw, Crossbones, Baron Zemo all got Singerized to good effect. I really can’t complain about that. 

What I Can Complain About Is…

… that after this movie, which is set before Infinity War, they are allegedly replacing Scarlett Johanson with something called a Florence Pugh.

What in the ass, Marvel? Are you planning on replacing literally all the original Avengers except Nice Guy Hulk™? I get that Black Widow died in Endgame but these are comic book movies! Just make something up!

This treachery will not stand! The MCU is canceled!