I Can’t Even

Just so terrifying that a man would think this way. Even thinking these thoughts victimizes women. It makes it OK to abuse and sexually assault women. It normalizes sexual violence! Delete! Remove from platform. Unperson.

Aren’t there men out there that love, respect and stand up for women?

There Are Good Men Out Th-

Evil Jabba The Hutt Molester. Beat on sight.
Evil Admiral Tarkin of Molestation. Confront On Sight.
Lando of Abuse. We’re pretty sure you are a POS. What can you do to redeem yourself?
You molested a nation, a civilization, there is no redemption for you. Fuck you, fagoo.

Wait, Are There No Real Men Left?

There are a lot of guys who are not creepoid fucks:

Go For It. Get A Goblin.

I mean, they won’t try to rape you. Or get you to Clear.

Which is cool, I guess. We just say bad things.

But perhaps people who laugh at jokes about rape, racism, sexism, homosexuality, etc aren’t rapists, racists, sexists or homosexualists.

Perhaps they are the least rapey. Least sexist. Least racist. Least against gay people.

This might be a place for you to start finding good men. Or just good people.

Absolute Haram