hey gang welcome back for another edition of TRAMFORMERS CORNER! where we talk a bout all the exciting news happening in the tramformers universe. and boy do we have some big news this time a round!

for the fist time in 10 years a new tramformers flim is NOT on paramounts release schedule. recenty at a the new york toy fair HASBRO said to investors and i quote “a new team at Paramount will reset the Transformers Live Action Movie Series following the release of Bumblebee: The Movie.”

and i for one could not be happier! dont get me wrong i love the michael bay flims they helped bring tramformers in to main stream media. how ever my heart belongs to the generation one tramformers and in my opinion this series was never as close to the source material as it should have bean.

one big porblem i had with the michael bay series was that for movies called TRAMFORMERS they sure spent alot of time on poeple. and not one of them worked in constuction. audiences went to the theater be cause they wanted to see giant tramforming robots and they should have given them what they wanted so its no suprise each movie was making less money than the previous one.

also i cant say i was a big fan of the way the robots looked. opotamus prime started out ok and by the end of the series he was looking pretty bad ass but the other characters? oh jeez where to begin. bumblee bee looked ridiculous with that butt hole mouth and what was up with star screams chicken legs? and why were some robots fat? theyre ROBOTS they dont eat food. and um why do some of them have foreign accents?

their character choices some times cornfused me too. there are hundreds of tramformers to choose from and what do they do they make up their own. MOHAWK? NITRO ZEUS? theyre like hey mom look at me i created my own tramformer! it reminds me of the x-men flims where there are count less mutants at their disposal and theyre like lets make a guy who can pull antlers out of his body and a snake girl who runs a round really fast and smells mutants. um ok.

you know what else didnt help? putting akiva goldsam in charge of the story. i think the last time he had a hit flim was before i was born. hope fully he will be too busy master minding the rob liefield cinematic universe to have any part in this reboot.

if i was HASBRO i would find some hot talent to take over the franchfries who has actually had a hit this century to take over the franchfries. some one like GRETA GERBIG or RYAN COOGER. pay them what ever it takes they know what poeple like. and if you give poeple what they like they will pay money for it. and then every body wins.

keep it cool,

ebob junior