UPDATE — We’re having some issues with Bitchute but we got Youtube back up. We’re still evaluating going forward. Thanks for your patience.


Well youtube is being bitchy about copyright and not understanding “parody” but fortunately, Bitchute works just fine. Here’s Part 1. 

Oh guess what everyone… We have a bitchute channel! In the wake of all the youtube crackdowns and such, I plan to mirror all the videos on bitchute. You can reach our channel here: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/jyiKbm93uJGl/ 

Just like youtube, I ask you to subscribe, like, all that stuff. If we can get these video channels off the ground, we might be able to get some funding to more stuff and get more interactions from you, the reader! There’s lots we want to do but we need your help! 

We aren’t asking for money, just shares, likes, and subscriptions! The more we get, the more they get promoted in the searches. 

Also, are you a content creator? Contact me at rationalistyoda@gmail.com if you want to try your hand at video or podcasting!